Shop Redesign

Accepting position as Design Lead in this company was based on offered opportunity to redesign (or begin again) the CI and the e-shop. Also, there was a lot more stuff that needed design, like packaging, personalised products and a shopping app. This is about the shop redesign.

Briefing for this project was clear and simple: make the shop modern, clean up unnecessary visual and non-functional elements and make the checkout process more logical and easy to use. And avoid making it unrecognisably different so the recurring users don’t loose trust.

Visually updating the site was quite a simple and enjoyable task. It was very easy to identify elements which were to be eliminated or redesigned, especially cause the layout was very outdated. I wrote down a list of things I noticed the first time I laid my eyes on it to protect my perspective from getting biased in the future, and it worked. Also, there was a great compatibility with redesigning the CI at the same time cause it helped me test out a lot of situations for the logo, choosing the right font and font styles and other visual elements.

Shop Redesign

Redesigning wasn’t only about visuals, off course. There was a lot of analytics involved. The company had collected a lot of analytics results and did a fair amount of A/B testing during last 2 years which helped a lot. It’s safe to say this was really a team effort.

Never before I had a chance to work on such a deep and complex website. In In the beginning that was a bit scary but also challenging. Besides doing the UI/UX design I was in charge or making sure the developers get the best possible briefing, tracking their work and writing improvement and bug tickets.

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Example of Design Guidelines

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