Accepting position as Design Lead in this company was based on offered opportunity to redesign (or begin again) the CI and the e-shop. Also, there was a lot more stuff that needed design, like packaging, personalised products and a shopping app. But let’s start with the logo.

Briefing was challenging because the company doesn’t have a specific target group and sells a huge range of products and experiences which vary from very affordable to very pricey. Basically, all I had to work on was: 1. it’s for everyone, 2. keep the main colour, and 3. try to make it somehow resemble the old logo. Additional wishes were to try to use gift icon, heart or a smiley face.

This is the most I’ve ever worked on a logo project. Usually the solution comes in first few days of sketching but usually the topic is more specific than this one. Creating a logo based on notions like: gift, hearth and bow is problematic because the notions are too general and overused as elements for logos or icons throughout the web and in everyday written communication. On the other hand – not using obvious and expected gift related associations could produce confusion about what the company does.

The final design was a result of 6 months of work by an unconventional work model. CEO who was personally and emotionally involved in the process was rarely available, therefore feedback was scarce. CMO and me decided to create something which would satisfy us and then try to argument it to CEO but it proved impossible. Until CEO and me sat together and worked together for several days we couldn’t find the solution. And we love it now.

Some of the many ideas tried out
After defining specific goal many interesting shapes happened
Final design

So besides a challenge to make a remarkable symbol and 14 letter! logotype to accompany it, this logo had to work for 6 other versions cause the shop is in 7 countries (and more are coming) all with different names which are all long because of domains which had to be incorporated.

Therefore it was natural to try to make a new type-face which would be sans-serif, condensed and bold. Company is among leading gift shops in Germany, France and Austria and strives to conquer the world but it sells gifts so it had to be both trustworthy and friendly.

Construction with minimum area

During the “search for the right icon” period I got inspired to play with the imagery one day and I just started to build around one element and in the end produced a small circular composition. Now I’m using it a lot as part of company identity, especially on packaging. We have also printed it out as a big sticker and applied it on the glass wall in the office. It even stops people walking into the glass.

It proved to be a very useful and aesthetically pleasing element to us so I developed a general version, version for event gifts and one version combined with the logotype.

With Logotype
Event Gifts


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